Monday, June 13, 2011

Laura Day 15

Today was part 2 of Mansfield Missouri.
We left at our usual early 11:00. We went back to the museum because we were told the lady that was there today was a women who actually knew Laura. We were so excited to meet her. Daisy and I both had her sign a book for us. We had books signed at every stop except the Blind School. She was a very sweet lady that took the time to talk to us. Everyone has ooo'd and aaahhh'd over Daisy's first addition books. I love them! Her aunt gave both her and my Mom a love of reading that has lasted lifetimes! I know that love has been passed on to me and to my boys. OK off track there.

Outside of the museum.

Then we stopped and picked some wild flowers and went to the cemetery. They are well marked and easy to find.

Rose Wilder Lane - their daughter.

The back side of her stone.

Laura and Almanzo

The view from their stone. A beautiful view of the Ozarks that they loved.

The memorial society has worked hard and has gotten back most of the land of Rocky Ridge. They love the stories of Laura and it shows in the love of what they do.

I feel sorry for the kid that has to learn to spell that in kindergarten.

I had one last letterbox to find and it is at the cemetery. I had no trouble with this one and it was there.

tools of the trade.

Arkansas. Love the shale rock.

Ava MO is not kind to kitties!

4 dead cats. One of which appeared to be waving at cars as they drove by.

2 coyotes

1 very large deer.

Several opossums

2 turtles

And you would not believe that amount of armadillo's! Man those things are plentiful!

And again just guts!

Tomorrow I think we will be back at Aunties. Unless something catches our eye. Shiny object!



  1. What fun you two have had! I'm sorry it is ending...buuutt glad you'll be back this side of the world so I can hear ALL about it! First edition books of just about anything is cool! Thanks for taking me on your journey I have enjoyed it. Get some rest at Aunties and get ready to come home to chaos!

    Love ya!

  2. Your blogs have been wonderful. Looking foreward to hearing all about it.