Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Laura Day 3

Miss Daisy and I got off to a great start today.

We didn't get off in great time but we aren't punching a time clock for anyone. We hit the road at 11. We headed North. We actually saw a LIVE deer this morning. I was so glad to see one that hadn't committed suicide. We haven't seen anymore turtles and think they may have been there and so many because of the floods, but we really don't know. Lots of dead raccoons and unidentifiable's.

Our goal today was Vinton Iowa. We wanted to see the Iowa Braille and The sight saving School.

This is the school that Mary Ingalls went to. Mary went to the blind school in 1881 and graduated in 1889. It is an active blind/braille school still. There is some renovations going on and I could just see how it must have looked. We had our picnic lunch at the Kiwanis Park across from the school and we heard the bells chiming. It was just beautiful. It's such a beautiful part of the country.

Tonight at dinner a young Amish family came in. They had the most beautiful baby girl. She was in a dark blue dress with a white bonnet and white bib with chubby bare legs with black socks on. She had dark hair peeking out from under her bonnet. Miss Daisy wanted her. She was just darling!

It was a very comfortable 82' today. It has been very nice.

Tomorrow on to Burr Oak.



  1. Just so you know, this is going to force me (possibly) to read this series just so I know what you are talking about...tisk..tisk :) I am so glad you are having a blast and I am enjoying following on your journey with you!!

  2. Nikki so glad to be reading this and so cool you add daily, enjoy your trip and tell Miss Daisy hello