Sunday, June 5, 2011

Laura Day 7

Daisy and I slept very late this morning. We were pushed to check out on time. It was a good thing we weren't going far. We were going about 30 miles up the road.
State count update...
South Dakota

We thought we were taking today off but it didn't work out that way. We only traveled about 30 miles though and did one stop. It was a long stop but an easy one. We were at the homestead site in Desmet S.D. I took a lot of pictures and there is lots to see. It's all replica's of the time but it is a beautiful 160 acre farm. Everyone was so nice. We made a corncob doll and I made a rope for my boys. It was a very relaxing day.

We got here around noon and didn't leave until about 5

Daisy in the mud house. We decided we wouldn't like it.

A baby kitty in the barn. I wanted to stuff her in my purse.

This lady knew her stuff! She was very sweet.

Pet and Pat

A baby mini. 5 weeks old

Can you solve this riddle? It was on the blackboard in the school.

The 5 cottonwood trees Pa planted for his girls are still there.

The monument to the Ingalls/Wilder families

Done for the day. We are staying in the area tomorrow. We have barely begun to see all there is here.

We saw so many dead fur stuff on the road here. I have totally lost count. However I have added some new species to the list.

A not quite dead flopping bird the car in front of us hit.

2 smelly dead skunks!

Off to bed.


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  1. Did you solve the riddle?? Cause I'm stumped but to be fair I'm not very good at them. You guys spent a lot of unrushed hours there, wonderful! As for the mud house...I struggle with the dirt every day in a wood house...I can't imagine a mud house...I think I'd quit cleaning!!!