Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Well re-entry has been accomplished.
I haven't even started on my pictures yet. However I have unpacked! The suitcase is still sitting at the end of the hall but everything is out of it.
While I was gone the guys did a great job of keeping up on everything. I did clean our bathroom on Sunday. Dh piped up with " Are you practicing?" HA HA NOT! However I did hit the ground running on Monday morning.
I now have no fingernails. One broke off the first hour so that night I filed them all off. I just won't ever have pretty hands. They are working hands. I can still have pretty toes though.
I'm everyone's favorite person this week. I was missed!
What has been the weirdest thing is driving by myself! If I see something dead it's hard to just pass it buy without trying to figure out what it is or gasping and gagging. I need my auntie as my co-pilot. I don't know if I got on her nerves but I know she didn't get on mine. We laughed so hard so much our stomach's hurt. We didn't even have a cross word. Well I guess what would we have fussed at, we had no one but each other and we came and went and ate all as we pleased. I'm still processing it all. Where I was today asked about our trip. She seemed to think we did it in a covered wagon. I just stared at her for a moment and then tried to not bust out laughing. Uh no, we were in an air conditioned car. With our ice chest and snacks. I am not sure where she got that idea. I've also been asked if it was an organized tour. Nope, just my Auntie and her handy dandy Yahoo Maps and a knowledge and a love of the books. THANK YOU Auntie for all your hard work. If anyone every wants to do what we did, ask her for our notebook, it's in there!

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  1. You need Daisy, Ms. Buttercup!! I loved reading all about it and I can't wait to see your pictures and hear all about it. I have convinced myself to try again and read the books...cause I love ya and you made it interesting...