Saturday, June 11, 2011

Laura Day 13

Good morning Missouri!
Daisy and I had a good night! We were awakened pretty early by thunder and rain but we both went back to sleep with no problems. We got up had our breakfast and then had to kill a few hours before we got to go visit Daisy's Aunt who lives in Springfield. She lives a beautiful place. It was like a fancy hotel. We had a good visit.
I had never been to Branson Missouri and since it was only about 35 miles away, we headed out. The Ozarks are beautiful! I wouldn't call them mountains but beautiful nonetheless. Branson looked like a fun place. Several big theatre's are closed or for sale. There seemed to be
lots for families to do. Theme park type places and water parks. It was very crowded and had lots of people/cars. We drove up the strip and then headed back down and stopped at a toy museum. It was so interesting! So many things from my childhood. I wish I could go back and save them all. I think my sister has my dolls. I wish I had my parents toys. I bet so do they!

Here is one of the pictures that wouldn't load last night. The little house on the Prairie. It's a replica but taken from her book and historians. It has stood there for a long time. They think it's on the original site, but aren't positive. It is VERY well done.

Entering to Branson.

King Kong is one of the first things we saw. We had to pull over to take his picture. And laugh.

We went up to an overlook. A lady took our picture. It's Branson and the Ozarks behind us.

It really was so beautiful!

In the Toy Museum. I think my Uncle has some of these.

Shelves after shelves of toy guns.

The fishing room. My Dh would have loved this and I'm sure we have LOTS of these.

Chatty Cathy Dolls. I know I had one of these! Where is it Mom???

For my Mama. She loves this channel.

Then we headed on to Mansfield. This will be our last "Laura" stop. She and Almanzo lived out their lives there. We are in the small town of Ava Missouri. It feels like Deliverance Country. I think we got the last room in the county! Who would have thought there would be a Missouri Fox Trotter's horse show just up the road! We are thankful for a clean room and hot water. We are tired and ready for a quiet night.

Animal count...

7 dead turtles

9 dead armadillo's

3 squirrels

14 pieces of fluff and stuff

1 pretty much just guts!

It was a VERY bad night for tires. I'm not sure I remember ever seeing so many pieces of tires on a section of a highway. Amazing. Plus pick your crap up people!

We passed a sign to watch for Amish wagon's on the road and they have wide shoulder's on the highway again. So we were looking and saw a wagon turn off in front of us but it was up and over the side before we could get a picture. But we turned off and saw lots of wagon tracks on the road. We have seem Amish or Mennonites all over the country. It has been neat.

Tomorrow back to Laura's!


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  1. The Ozarks remind me of the book "Where the Red Fern Grows'... I love you animal count...cracks me up! Anyone whose gone on a road trip knows EXACTLY what you are talking about!