Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Laura Day 10

Today was one of the only days that we had a little of a time table. Auntie and her friend were trying to meet up. So we set the time and we were off. It felt good to be out of South Dakota and it was about 15' cooler. That was great!

Daisy has several less then great pictures of me so I'm putting this one out there. She didn't think I would take it. We were sitting across from each other the other night and we were talking and I suddenly realized that I was looking into my Mom's eyes too. I didn't realize how much they have the same eyes. It was a wonderful jolt!

Auntie and her friend. S.P. They were off to see Mt. Rushmore. We had talked about it but it was just far West for us to do it. I hope they have a wonderful time.

Historical marker along the Kansas highway.

I bet you didn't know you could drive to Norway from the States. It's about 6 miles off the highway we were on. It was a very cute, sweet little town.

Norway Kansas

This little guy was sitting along side the highway as we were coming back from Norway. We both wanted to scoop him up but since we aren't prepared to travel with a cat and we were afraid it was a she with kittens OR if we approached it it would dart into the road. I made myself drive on. There was several houses back up the way and he seemed OK enough.

We saw a live pheasant. A beautiful rooster in the tall grass along the road.

1 dead deer

It was a VERY bad night for raccoons. shudder!

1 really dead tire.


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  1. NO picking up strays! Shiver on the fleas, ticks and what nots those things MIGHT be carrying! Shudder! However I was looking for Auntie's Gnat bites...didn't see any! The dead tire did make me laugh...thank you!