Thursday, June 9, 2011

Laura Day 11

Auntie Daisy had a very bad time sleeping last night. Soooo she was up very early trying to be very quiet. You know when you try to be quiet you aren't. Besides we are sharing a room. So we were both up long before we were ready or wanting to be. BUT we got on the road for a very long day of driving. We knew this day would be long and it proved us right. Kansas is a big state! So we get on the road and we are both not really awake and Daisy promptly falls asleep! Nice. It was OK. She needed the nap. She slept good for an hour. Then we needed gas. The gas station I stopped at had a car wash. Since you could hardly tell the color of our car and I'm short and the middle of the window was not getting bug free we went through the car wash. It looked so good, for about 4 minutes. We got back on the highway and I got up to speed and SPLAT! A ginormous bug on my windshield! I think the best state so far for the least amount of bugs was Nebraska. I might have been we weren't there long but they didn't seem as bad there.

Amber waves of grain..... Daisy sang to me as I drove along. There is a sign that we have seen several times that says a Kansas farmer feeds 125 people plus you! I can believe it.

The ranching side of Kansas.

We stopped along the road to take some pictures of prairie flowers and Daisy is bent over trying to get a close up and all of a sudden I heard her squeal and jump back. I thought UH OH a snake! Nope! A tiny baby bunny. She wanted to bring him home with us. All I saw was fleas and ticks and rabies!

Here is little Thumper. He is very tiny. He would have easily fit in the palm of one hand. We never saw his mama. Auntie is pretty sure she is gone and Thumper WANTED to come with us.

Prairie Flowers. So beautiful!

This is one of several different ones we have seen. This was really cool. BUT I have one beef, HAHAHA pun intended! On this trip we have seen SO MANY statues of fake animals in people's yards and fields. I have been so tickled at the fake animals. I mean fake cows in the pasture of a farm. Cracks me up.

Animal count update...

1 dead dear who was making a question mark with his leg.

BAD nights for raccoons again.

2 dead foxes

1 VERY large VERY dead beaver.

4 smashed flat armadillo's

3 feathered somethings. 1 of which was VERY large. I think it was a vulture.

7 leathery looking things with small patches of fuzz.

Do you remember that scene in Dumbo where the vultures are sitting on the branch of the tree talking? We saw that scene today only on a fence. Kind of gross. Vulture's are a very ugly bird!

We are in Independence Kansas. Tomorrow we are going to The Little House on the Prairie. There is also 2 cemeteries we want to go to. Then it's on to Missouri.



  1. I just sat and read the last 6 days and you have been on a way cool trip, again you show me if one wants something (a trip like this)One can plan ahead and have. I can't wait to see you but you, enjoy the rest of your trip, and keep writing you do a very good jopb at it.... Love ya always

  2. Seriously...not fleas and ticks!! Second, you have 2 Day 10' guess is this is Day 11 and the after this is 12...The prarie flower is cool, it almost look cactis like. Also I'd like to know: "Where's the beef?" All those statues I'm wondering if you are seeing any real cattle/cows???