Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Laura Day 9

Up and on the go this morning by 10:30. We only had 2 real goals today. Go to Manchester S.D. and to get OUT of South. Dakota. We are 2 for 2! It was just so hot yesterday we both are a bit tired of the heat. It just sucked everything out of us.
This town Manchester was totally destroyed by a tornado in 2003. It is the town Grace Ingalls Dow lived in with her husband. It is down the way from Desmet. My Aunt and Uncle used to live in a town Manchester in Tennessee. So we were interested in it for both reason's. It was very surreal standing there. People were badly hurt but no one was killed. The town was mostly dead so they didn't rebuild. It was sad.

The empty town site.

The story

The memorial flag at the spot.

The pump still is there.

Then since we were there I went back to the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum because we had a question about the school they have there. It is the original school that Laura and Carrie went to. But on the little map there is a spot that says original school. So I wanted it clarified. The school they have now IS the original school, it was on site A. It was moved to site B and used as a house for 100 years. THEN it was bought/moved to the museum site where it is now. I wasn't clear yesterday and we had questions, now it's all good and clear for us. I was to tired to post pictures yesterday. The school house has layers of wallpaper in it. When they started peeling it off they found blackboard. Some of it has drawings on it! AMAZING.

We are in Norfolk Nebraska. We are meeting Auntie's friend tomorrow somewhere. We have a few just travel days ahead of us. Nebraska and Kansas seem sort of bleak on the map. We are hoping it's a tad cooler. It was only in the low 90's today. That actually helped.

Animal count update

3 more dead deer. One had such an awful unnatural angle to it's neck, that couldn't have been good.

3 more black and white smelly kitties.

1 raccoon that was VERY bloated and had 4 stiff legs sticking straight up! Just like the other deer. Think Macy's Day Parade balloon. I wish everyone could hear the squeals and OOOH ISH'S that happen every time we see something icky.

765 1/2 dead furry things.

49 dead feathered things.


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  1. The history that is leftover to see if not touch (when possible) has to be so cool...touching/seeing history...even though I've never read the books I find those kinds of things cool!