Monday, June 6, 2011

Laura Day 8

HOT HOT HOT is the word for today.
I don't want to complain but we thought it would be a tad cooler here. It was 100'. We both have red faces and shoulders.
Today we went to the last house Ma and Pa lived in. The replica of the Brewster school. The original school that Laura and Carrie went to. It has been moved though and they are working on restoring it. We also were in the Surveyor's house that they lived on The Shores of Silver Lake but it has also been moved into town. We had a sweet little girl Amber giving our tour of all that. Then we went off on our own and saw the Boast's house with the hitching post still in the front. The original school that is now a house. We went to Silver Lake. We also went to Laura and Almanzo's claim site and then saw the Tree Claim spot with just a few trees left. Then we went to the cemetery. Everyone but Laura and Almanzo are buried here. I found a letterbox hidden at the cemetery. It was a nice one too. Tomorrow we are going to Manchester S. D. and then moving South. It will be mostly a travel day.
Adding on to the animal list
LIVE beaver's - 5 in a row.
Dead duck-billed platypus
Dead porcupine.
Thats all for now.

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  1. How cool to see something that is alive, too bad about the Platypus though...side note that's Frank's favorite animal! Little bit of info there for ya...make your world go round right? So where are Laura and Almanzo buried then if not with the rest of the family?