Friday, June 3, 2011

Laura Day 5

Daisy and I were up and on the ball this morning. We were both very excited! We were headed to where it all began. The Little house in the big woods. It's about 7 miles out of the town of Pepin. We were off!

The plaque outside the house.

The little house in the big woods.
It's not very woodsy anymore but you can look out the window's and imagine how it must have looked a very long time ago. The little house is a replica on the original spot. It is such a sweet little home. The house is very tiny. They just lived so simply. The house is a tiny 3 rooms and a loft.

We found the Letterbox we were looking for there. The stamp is hand carved and is so sweet! We were pretty pumped to find it.

One end of the little house.

The other end.

There was another letterbox we wanted to find. It was another direction out of town about 8 miles. It was called the Plum School. It had nothing to do with Laura Ingalls Wilder but sounded very interesting. When we got there Daisy said Oh Nikki this is just like the school your Mom and I went to! It was so sweet!

The letterbox stamp.

My Daisy reading from a primer on the desk. It was a very sweet place. It's hard to imagine so many kids in a one room school house.

It even had a bell tower with a bell and we rang it!

Then we went to Durand Wis. which was the county seat at the time of the Big Woods and Pa had to go there to do business regarding the land. It was a sweet town except the sign in front told a story about a man who murdered 2 lawmen and was lynched right in front of the courthouse! Just drug out and hung from a tree.

Old Durand court house.

Us on the shore of Lake Pepin. We stopped at Lake City. Which is where the Ingalls crossed when they headed West.

We then headed South towards South Troy. It is where Charles and Caroline's son "Freddy" died and is buried. His grave was unmarked and they don't know where it is. Just that it is in the area. They were visiting Charles brother there when he died. He had never been a well baby.

This is just a little marker along side the road. We are by far not the first people that have taken on this journey.

This afternoon while we were driving I looked over and there was a little bug on my aunts neck, I picked it off and said is this a tick? YES! Squish! Only my aunt in one little walk around a school house would get a tick. We have and will spray tomorrow.

Now we are headed on to Walnut Grove.



  1. The account of y'alls day sounds delightful...of course until the tick part...if there is a tick, it's going to jump on my Mom...Lordy....

  2. Ok, now my head is itching thank you Auntie for that! I love the picture of Auntie in the desk...get her some learning! What a long day you guys had, but filled with so much fun and interesting things!