Saturday, June 4, 2011

Laura day 6

On the shores of Plum Creek/Walnut Grove.
Daisy and I had a hard time going to bed last night so we slept in later today. House keeping was in a fired up hurry to clean our room. Then as a crowning touch to our morning we had no hot water. So we got off on a sketchy start in Minnesota as it was. We reached the museum in Walnut Grove. It was an OK museum but not our favorite so far. It has very little that was actually Laura's. It just has a lot of period pieces. Not much personal things. It is mostly about the TV show. Which in its self wasn't a bad show, just wasn't the story of the books. So that wasn't our favorite place. Then we headed out to the site for the dugout on the shores of Plum Creek. It was beautiful! It looked just like Laura described in her book! It might be better at a different time of year but I don't know when. It was soooooo awful with the gnats! They were swarming us! I kept trying to swish them off of Auntie and she kept swishing them off of me. I was afraid to talk. I just knew I would inhale a swarm. IT WAS SO GROSS! Auntie got the worst of them. I will not miss Minnesota because of the gnats. HORRID!

The Museum

Auntie in the wagon. We were glad to have our air conditioned gnat free car!

This place was just beautiful!

We could just imagine Laura and Mary playing here.

To bad about the bugs! It was really a beautiful place.

We looked for 3 different letterboxes today and got skunked all 3 times. I don't know if it was us or if they were missing.

Our animal count is rising.

5 more dead dear. One of which I mean DEAD! Think of the way someone play acts and "dies" with all 4 feet straight up stiff in the air... EXACTLY how one looked. GROSS!

1487 dead fur somethings.

1 fly raccoon

1 couch cushion

Tomorrow we are just going to go up the road a ways to a better motel and then take a day off. We need a little break. We have been moving pretty steady and covering a lot of territory. We are hoping that S. Dakota is a little cooler and a lot more gnat free.


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  1. Thank you for making me laugh! Just be glad you didn't get Mosquitos!! And come mouthful of protein wouldn't be that bad would it??

    What is a Fly Racoon?

    It does look peaceful there. Get some rest and hopefully you'll get a better hotel that isn't trying to rush you out and leave you w/o hot water!
    Sleep well friend!