Thursday, June 2, 2011

Laura Day 4

Miss Daisy and I got up and got on the road shortly after 10. Our first goal was Burr Oak Iowa.
Laura and her family lived here for about 18 months. Laura didn't write about here because it was a bad/sad time for the family. Her brother had died and the locust had eaten the crops the year before. So there is history about the time but she didn't write a book about it.
The museum is the only building of Laura's that is the original building on the original sight. It's very tiny but 3 floors. The kitchen and the room where her whole family slept is in the basement. The main floor had the parlor, and the front room and 2 bedrooms. The upstairs has 3 bedrooms and a landing area where someone could sleep. They have some original things and some are just period pieces that have been donated to them.

The Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum - Burr Oak Minn.

The entire collection of Ashton Drake dolls - The Ingalls family plus Nellie and Almanzo
I want to write it so I don't forget it. Almanzo was only 5'2" and Laura was 4'11". They were tiny people!

Original letters Laura wrote to school children.

Her books are in MANY languages. She is loved all over the world.

Bank front now the gift shop and start of the Museum tour. We had our own private tour and tour guide. It was VERY interesting and she was very sweet and was as excited about our trip as we are.

After the tour we went and looked around the cemetery. Laura played in this cemetery and there are several pictures of headstones from that time.

This is one of them that Laura would have seen.

I had clues to a letterbox that was suppose to be hidden here but could not for love nor money find it. Better luck next time.
I have been to Iowa as a kid, I didn't realize then how pretty it really is. We passed some beautiful farms. There was several signs for Amish buggies. We saw several but no Amish.

Iowa barn quilt

Dinner on the Upper Mississippi River. A barge pushing stuff up the river.

Crossing into Wisconsin. Tomorrow we tour The Little House in the Big Woods.



  1. So I have to say it's kinda creepy to be playing in a cemetary but who am I to judge. They were very tiny people!!! If they were around now we'd look like giants to them!!! That's so cool you guys got a personal tour! Fancy!
    Drive safe!

  2. I did not know they were so little. Thank you for writing every day.